Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I read the Mutts comic strip in the paper this morning and it said something to the effect that what you do the first day of the year is what you'll do all year long. I've never heard that before and it caused me some agita. In the comic strip the dog (or cat I don't remember) was eating and he was fine with doing that all year. Survival and all. I found myself worrying all day though, if things hit a snag- they way they do all day, at least for me, Oh no! My whole 2009 is going to be full of tantrums! Full of dogs getting into the trash! Full of nit picking and nay saying! And, it probably will be. I'm going to turn this half empty bus around though and tell you some half full stories. We spent the day with friends and family. We ate all my favorite foods: chocolate, cheese, salmon, olives, AND had wine and coffee. J woke up with the girls and let me sleep. I didn't worry too much (I know I worried about this day being everyday, but thats superstition, not worry. I didn't worry about taxes, or how many ideas are in my head that aren't on paper, about the endless things to do, that the house is a mess, I didn't worry about any of that. Too much. Until maybe now.) The girls were good to each other, asking after each other, checking in or each other. Making each other laugh. I could have this day for the rest of the year.

I would change a few things, of course. I didn't get the dogs out for a walk, didn't do any work. (Ok, enough with that. Does anyone work on New Years day? I'm on the 364 more days like this thing) And, H had a mystery fever that came out of nowhere and seems to have gone just as quickly. I don't want her to not feel well for the rest of the year. She put herself to bed in the afternoon (unheard of), and asked for some Gatorade- insisted on going to my moms house for dinner, as was the plan, and lay down there (unheard of) and then was fever-less and back to her energetic loud self.

2009. H will start kindergarten this year. She'll turn 5, and S 2. I WILL get my website up and updateable. I WILL do more work. Those aren't resolutions, I don't do that.

To quote my sister on the subject of 2009, bring it!

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