Wednesday, January 28, 2009

snow blind

A snow day. My brain is on snow day. We're all on snow day. It was really, really great until about 8 o clock this morning when the "where are we going today"s started. Shortly after that we did the dump all the toy bins on the floor and then cry and whine about cleaning things up thing.

The thing is, its not even a snow day. I mean, yes there is snow on the ground- but maybe 3 inches. Thats being generous. It was icy last night and possibly this morning, but its all melting and raining, so its just a mess more than anything. I have been programed by the mere mention of snow day that it means you stay inside and make soup, or bread. Our start was delayed enough to make me not want to leave the house. I trick myself into thinking I like days like this, but honestly, I loose it by the afternoon.

I did make bread, though. Rolls, actually, because the only thing we have in the freezer were turkey burgers and it seemed better at the time to make rolls than to go dress everyone and trek out to the store.

I just checked the time and had to laugh- earlier today J called me a few times to encourage me to leave the house, saying he's just tried to help my sanity come 4 o clock. "Fine", he said when I told him I'm not going anywhere. "Stay home and make crazy then" Yep, its quarter til and I'm making crazy. We're all making crazy up in here.

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