Friday, January 9, 2009

Under lock and key

It has come to this:
Yes. Thats a latch on the trash can.
Because of this:

And this

It was hard to get pictures of the dogs by the trash can, they know they aren't supposed to go anywhere near it. Look at those guilty faces.

And yet, this is what I came home to today:

My latch held, so I'm happy. Looks like I'm destined to have to reposition trash bags and the actual trash can, which was in the middle of the kitchen for the unforeseeable future. And yes, the trash can is dented. Thats from when I channeled John McEnroe and kicked the can across the kitchen because I couldn't get the trash bag out. Its now even harder to get the trash bag out, what with the dent and all. Unless of course you are a vizsla with a taste for trash. Then its easy to get the trash out. Or It was, before the latch.

1 comment:

Left of Ordinary said...

Ooo... those are some GUILTY faces. Their persistence is admirable, even if you want to strangle them. Too bad you can't train them to take the trash out.