Friday, January 23, 2009

Sitter AWOL and pee with a message

Man.... my babysitter just quit.

It took me forever to come around to the idea that some time to do my work was not a luxury but a necessity, and that doing work after a grueling day of child chasing followed by the bed/bath scramble was not working as well as it should. It took even longer for me to act on this revelation. It was with much anxiety that I contacted this sitter, and only because through her email address I could tell she was an art student. It relaxed me to have an art student babysitter- I could wrap my head around that quite nicely. And she was great, I really liked her. Ok, I still like her. At least now I don't have to figure out how to let her go after I sign S up for pre-school.

Ugh. I am so bummed.

Tonight is going better than last night because I gave everyone their way up front. I am ashamed to say I was acting very passive aggressively with H and her mommydaddy bed issues. I must stop this immediately, I can NOT be on the receiving end of this behavior. I will not be the one who teaches it to her.

Earlier today I was remembering, almost fondly, that when H was younger.. maybe a year or so ago, she would pee when she was mad at me. Like a cat. She peed all over the damn place- on the front porch, on every rug we have. And would always smile sweetly and say "I had an acci-gent". We all know there are no acci-gents. But get this, she did it again tonight! She hasn't done this is well over a year, what are the odds? She is a mind reader this one. Smart AND clairvoyant? Not fair.

Tonight shes in the bathroom, and she calls to tell me shes had an accident (we now have the 'd'). My ass, an accident! She has her clothes off, and there is pee on the bathroom rug and splattered on the tile. I took a very discrete deep breath and had some even more discrete internal screaming and said as calmly and as not-give-a shitingly as possible, "well, I guess you better clean it up then." This best be the end of the accidents.

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