Tuesday, January 6, 2009

next verse same as the first

This was not meant to be a sleep journal- but I can think of nothing else to say but how tired I am.

At the post office yesterday during my time at the counter, the clerk sighed and said twice "I'm so tired" to no one in particular. I thought- wow, I really don't care- and I usually care too much about random things like these. I actually thought "how boring to walk around saying how tired you are all the time." Yeah. And yet I go on. Sigh. I'm so tired.

One step forward two steps back keeping S out of our bed. She has never slept in our bed or expressed any interest in it until recently. I'd been bringing her in over the winter break, around 6, instead of just getting up like I usually do- she'd sleep until 7, or 7:30. Well, shes been waking up earlier and earlier to come in our bed. 2 am seems to be her preferred time. Where she used to just go back to sleep, now she leans and points out her bedroom door, squirms and growls. After much insistence and pissedoffery on my part, I've gotten her to go back in her own bed at 2, but when she woke up at 4:30 this morning, J was on his way out to take pictures, and couldn't sit with her-(and acting very defensively, "All I did was wake up!") I brought her in bed with me- I was too tired to resist and all my consistency went out the window. Was it worth the kicks of tiny heel to my eye socket? I don't think so. Will I regret tonight at 2 am? Ay-yuh.

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