Monday, January 19, 2009

Drawing Curious George

It hasn't exactly been the productive, getting things done day I was aiming for, but some fun nonetheless. H and I just did the draw Curious George tutorial (tutorial?! I am an art geek. That seems a bit much!) that's on the bonus features of the Curious George DVD. What impressed me the most was how much H really wanted to do it, she got all her materials out. At first I tried to do it with out the DVD, thinking I didn't need to reference it- but she kept yelling at me "Mom! No! That's not right!" with such urgency that I put the DVD back on and paused it a thousand times to allow us to draw up to that point. She was right, I wasn't going about drawing Curious George the way they said to on the DVD. It made me very proud, how excited and serious she was about doing it right- and I was pretty impressed with her technical ability, I have to say.

Not bad, eh?
And here's a blurry picture of mine:

Thinking about this now makes me laugh. Its my way to attack things head on, hope for the best and call my mistakes character. I was saying to her, yeah yeah, we'll draw Curious George- we don't need the eraser until the end, she was going insane IT SAYS WE NEED A PAPER PENCIL AND ERASER TO GET STARTED- which is just like her father. Everything in a line, everything just so. As much as this anal behavior can make me want to jump off buildings, I do sometimes wish I had just an once or so of it.

Here's to the gene pool- and hoping for the best of both worlds. The patience to do it right, and the ability to roll with the punches if it doesn't come out quite the way you planned.

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Left of Ordinary said...

Good drawings. Impressed with H's (ok, and yours too). :)