Monday, January 19, 2009


Oh the funk. I think I'm on the upward swing, crawling out of this pit. Its a tell, when I start taking world events to heart the way I did a few days (weeks? I don't know) ago- that I'm about to slip down that slope. Some moping, some stomping, some fretting- I'm almost ready to move on.

The thing about the funk is that its makes me feel like I'm swimming in concrete. With this treadmill existence I have, if I stop all hell breaks loose. I do feel like a hamster on a wheel of dishes, laundry, finances and futile attempts these days. The laundry and dishes expand, choking me and shutting out the light, the funk breeds and grows.

But, I'm about to Lysol that shit. I will get up, make myself look at tax papers, as our appointment is a week from today. (Will I make it in time? Stay tuned.) I will get to the bottom of whats responsible for the stench in the refrigerator. And something else productive, like maybe move the plate of apples that I just found in the window sill.

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Left of Ordinary said...

Oh my. Must be something in the air because the title of my post today is "Funky" and has a very familiar theme.

Hope things are going well. I'm coming out my cave a bit but still feeling very in over my head.

Treadmill existence for sure.

Miss ya.