Monday, January 5, 2009

If I had a hammer

H made her first saved up purchase from her piggy bank yesterday: a small flowered hammer she's had her eye one for months. I know, who knew flowered hammers exist. They do. And they have tools (weapons, J said) in the handle. Before J took her to the hardware store to get it, she picked up a pen and paper and asked "how do you spell hammer?" List and money in hand off they went.

Petite and with flowers, it is a real hammer and a bit scary for us the parents. Really, why does a 4 yr old need a hammer? She's hell bent on making a bird house, for one thing. So, we've established hammer rules, and she made it through the waiting period.

I came up with the perfect use of hammer today, and thought we should hang up S's kitty calender she got for Christmas. (S has been itching to cross out the days on H's calendar for some time now) So, I started the nail, and H gave a few taps. I had S in a headlock for her own safety, she wanted to hammer very badly. I suggested we let S hammer for a minute- expecting this would not fly- this was after all a major important big kid fancy hammer job. H didn't hesitate, and gave S the hammer, and I helped S 'hammer' while managing to keep myself and the dogs out of the way. S gave one little tap to the nail and H gave her a kiss and said 'I'm so proud of you! You did it!' S was beaming, and H was too. I wanted to bottle that shit.

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Left of Ordinary said...

Ahahahahah... wheeze... ahahaha. Picturing you with S in a headlock cracked me up...only because it happens here with Baboo in exactly the same way.

Mouse got a whole tool SET for Christmas with a real hammer etc. They have "workbench" days at school with real wood/tools including a saw. I hope I NEVER have to be in class on that day.