Monday, January 12, 2009

talking more trash

Ok, I am telling myself this is the last picture of my trash can I will post. That is my serious intent. I will try. But check this out:

What the hell? I do feed these creatures, quite well, as does S at any chance she gets. The dogs are the clean up crew, and the perma snacking that goes on around here creates quite a crumb bounty. And that says nothing of the handouts.

I am paying for my smug boastery about my trash latch- however. The other day I had gone across the street for FIVE minutes to retrieve H from our neighbors house. S didn't even have shoes on, thats how fast I went. The dogs sought other destruction and found H's lunch box. I walked in the door to find lunch box foam all over the floor, and yet another tupperware lid with teeth marks in it.

This is a relatively new lunch box that replaced the last one which met the same fate (which replaced the LAST one which met the same fate) the damage was just on the inside of the lunch box, so I brought out the duct tape. H was not thrilled about me fixing her lunch box with duct tape, so I brought out some rainbow stickers. I have heard it said that duct tape fixes anything. Not so. Rainbow stickers fix anything. This morning, when I sent her to school with her lunch in her duct taped rainbowed lunch box I wondered if this moment would come up in a therapists office some day. It made me think of something my mother always said when we were growing up. Her pat response to the (frequently made) statement "you're EMBARRASSING me!" was "Well, at least I'm not boring you." Got it.


Left of Ordinary said...

Impressive. Very impressive. The dogs get an a+ for peristence.

And, in your defense if it comes to therapy - you could always say that at least you offered rainbow stickers, these are tough time, you're showing your ingenutive side.... (write these down... as will I!) :)

Katydid said...

ha ha ha! no really, i am laughing so hard right now. amazing how all the things mom said caused huge eye-rolls and now i say them to A all the time and wish i had come up with them myself.