Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I may stop reading the local news

I opened up the newspaper this morning to the usual doom and gloom and shock and awe. There is some awful news out there these days, but its the truely horrific human interest type shit that makes the local news so disturbing and makes me think sticking my head in the sand isn't such a bad idea.

Some head lines:

"Daughter, friend held in father's death"
A girl paid her boyfriend 1000 bucks to shoot her father because she didn't like the way he was yelling at her. The pair then hacked him a part with a chainsaw and rolled him up in a carpet and left him in the woods, where he was discovered by a deer hunter. That shit doesn't even work in the movies- what the fuck? And if you used the chainsaw, why would you need to roll him up? To say nothing of the obvious what is going ON? That kids are shooting their parents and cutting them into pieces.

Then theres:
"Guilty plea in murder of young hobo"
A hobo. Thats what the article said. It went on to say he was addicted to heroin and left his prior roller hockey champion life to "travel the country as part of a culture of people who ride the rails, squat in abandoned buildings, and panhandle." The kid who killed him was apparently coming to the defense of his girlfriend who was sexually assaulted by the 'hobo'. I used to know a lot of people who remind me of what this hobo may have been like, and that makes it feel more tragic to me in a way- on both sides. The article is clearly sided with the hobo, first off by calling the kid that. The story ends with the mothers of both kids crying in court, the hobo's mother empathising with the other kid's mother because they understand each other, as mothers.

I pray to anyone whos listening that I never have to understand another mother in that way, from either side. I can't stand to read this shit anymore. Can't we all just get along and all that.

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