Sunday, January 11, 2009

Please get sick museum

Ah the sweet smell of vomit. I love to wake up to vomit at 6 am on a Sunday. Or on any day for that matter. I still need to bathe the vomiter, part played by S this morning. She's so sleepy, I feel badly dousing her in water even though she stinks. I woke up to her crying at 6 am, I don't know how long she'd been crying, but she was lying down which makes me think she'd been at it for a while. I need to go to bed early I think - I don't know whats with this not waking up lately. Anyway- there was vomit all over her crib, and monkey was positively soaked. This did nothing to change his appeal (for S, it did everything to change his appeal for me) Here she was snuggling with this soaking wet foul smelling blanket. I managed to pry monkey away to the wash- threw the kitties in for good measure and poor S wandered around searching for her friends for the whole wash and dry cycle. I was afraid to suggest any substitutes as this is how our entourage grew the first time.

My stomach is behaving a little strangely itself. I'm hoping its the coffee on an empty stomach. S and I went to the children's museum on Friday. Its called the Please Touch Museum- J and I always call it the Please Get Sick Museum. It has built in antibacterial gel dispensers in every room now so I thought by mass antibacterializing at every turn we'd escape the wrath. Perhaps I thought wrong.

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Left of Ordinary said...

Oh, I'm so sorry you guys are sick. Mouse had this on Friday and yesterday I felt queasy, but didn't actually get sick. (crossing all bendy parts).

I hope S feels better and that the rest of you dont' get it.