Saturday, January 3, 2009

Stinky guilt

I am so full from too much pizza and cake at a birthday party we took H to tonight. We went back and forth about going, H has had a fever off and on for the last few days- but she was fever free since the morning, and we were all really housebound- so off we went. H was tired, not herself and I worried I'd made the wrong choice in going to this party. I'm still not sure.

J's parents stayed over last night- which was nice because J and got to go out (2nd time this week!) and they woke up with the girls this morning- J and I slept in until 1o. I am ever so slightly racked with guilt, though. After J and I got home last night, we still wanted to talk and weren't quite ready for bed, so since J's mom was asleep on the couch, we took 2 beers upstairs to our bedroom. Except we didn't just take them up, we snuck them up. Who wants to try and explain to one's mother (or worse ones mother in law) why they are taking beer up to the bedroom- what is this? Are we 18? (This is very telling that I think this is 18 year old behavior- especially since I edited myself and the original age I was thinking of was 16.) I kept saying to to 'we're almost 40! What are we doing?' First of all, we have a few years until we're 40- I'm not going to say 'almost' again until a few days before my 40th birthday. Secondly, what they hell does it matter? It was fun to hang out with my husband and feel like a kid again, and if that means talking and drinking beer in ones bedroom with sleeping parents in the house, so be it.

The guilt I have is not so much about that, but that the girls woke up at 2- and I didn't hear them. I wouldn't have believed this possible- I heard them when they woke up at 1, and got up with them then- but apparently my mother in law was up with them from 2:30 until 3:30. Then, because my mother in law is guilt and martyrdom impersonated, she told me three times this morning how H kept saying she only wanted me, and kept calling for her mommy, and that S was screaming ("and I mean screaming!") While I am a bit frustrated that I wasn't there for H, I am glad my mother in law was. I did explain to H that J and I were going out that that Dado (what she calls her grandmother) would be there if she woke up. Yes, I did apparently need the sleep. I like to think I would have woken up if my mother in law weren't here. I am there every night- but can't all the way quiet the nagging voice that has been reminding me I wasn't there last night.

In other news, today S started announcing that shes stinky when she needs a diaper change. I hadn't realized it, but when ever I think shes pooped I ask "Are you stinky?" Its very cute, she points at her backside, gives a stern look and says "Stinky."

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Left of Ordinary said...

Sorry, this made me laugh out loud picturing you and J sneaking upstairs with beer. However... good for you and I'm glad you got out and had some fun. (sorry about H&S waking up though).

The "stinky" cracked me up too. I say that to Baboo all the time as well. ahahaha.