Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweet mess

I would say about twice a year, I totally freak out about all the clutter in my life and do something about it. The 'do something about it' part is the biannual part- the freak out part is daily. I'm building the less cluttered pyramid brick by brick, makes me feel so much better than just freaking out about it every day. Go figure.

I've been finding things I've been oblivious to for months. Like a bowl full of tubes of dried up cake icing. On top of some "extra" cookie decorating sugar. I must have thought it might come in handy someday, after we all decorated enough cookies to finish up the arsenal of colored sugar I already have in the pantry. (Although, the way H decorates, that may not be as long as it sounds) There is an uncomfortably large part of me that never wants to throw away anything. That is my default, if I don't pay attention I will become some kind of Hansel and Gretel sugar hording witch.

This latest surge of organizing came from gluing that latch on the trash can. 8 years of these dogs getting into the trash, and a lifetime of past dogs getting into trash. And other things. Most notably some bright green playdough resulting in neon green dog poop, and even more notably a sock of my mothers then boyfriend- which my mother collected and washed then returned to its owner.

Its taken me a long time to lock up the trash. Then again, it wasn't all that long ago that I thought nothing of someone salvaging a sock from a pile of dog mess. Another day in the life.


Katydid said...

Ug... i hear you. I am working on the de-cluttering as i write... i have paper coasters from Cancun from 1990!!! That's way worse than your sugar.

becprints said...

The scary thing is that I think I know those coasters.