Sunday, January 4, 2009

All about the peanuts

Its times like these- when while getting dressed I wonder if wearing earrings counts as getting dressed up- when I don't feel at all like a grown up. Yet, I am increasingly called ma'am at stores and restaurants. Even as I walk around thinking I need grown up clothes because all I have or wear are jeans and t-shirts.

H just told me she wanted to have peanuts for breakfast. I thought to myself "what are you an elephant? Who has peanuts for breakfast" which lead my mind down the elephant peanut tangent- elephants eat leaves, trees, grass.. I'm sure they like peanuts, but am pretty sure herds of elephants don't walk around being sustained solely on peanuts. So who started this elephant peanut rumor? The mice that elephants are supposedly afraid of? H asked again for peanuts, as all this tangent in my mind was taking up time and I hadn't answered her- she said "can I have peanuts? Like an elephant?" So either shes reading my mind, or they plant this peanut/elephant thing early.

Upon googling elephants and peanuts, I confirm what I already know a) sure, elephants like peanuts if you give them to them b) this has been pondered a lot already, mostly it seems by drunk college students. So, see? I'm not a grown up after all.

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Jackie said...

I am coming over in about 2 weeks and I will NOT bring peanuts!