Thursday, January 8, 2009

Feed me, Seymour

I'm hoping this is a growth spurt and not a tapeworm, but I'm having my doubts. S is eating like a T Rex. And still wants 'Moe'. Shes had so far: the better part of a bag of grapes, a pb&j sandwich, a waffle, a banana, a container of yogurt, a cheese stick, a granola bar and I think I'm forgetting something. She just squealed when I said "lets go downstairs for lunch" and she nearly tore my face off this morning grocery shopping trying to get to the bag of grapes that she housed as soon as we got home. Yesterday J went into work late so I could work on this kindergarten financial aid application (I'm still incredulous that I use those words in the same sentence) he yelled up to me, "I'm going out, to get S away from the refrigerator" When he came back he said "She really likes Burger King chicken nuggets. She ate all of them." Then proceeded to try and convince me she's on his side of our continual BK vs. McDonalds debate. Which is silly. We all know she prefers McDonalds.

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Left of Ordinary said...

I'm always amazed at how much your kids can eat.

You could send some of that appetite our way. My girls ate well for about, oh, 3 days and now we're back to exisiting on air and fish crackers and strawberry milk. ARGH!

I couldn't even get them to eat when I offered nuggets and fries.