Thursday, December 4, 2008

How deep does my disorganization run?

This is not really a question, I know the answer is as deep as there is.
Today I am even more of a whirling dervish than usual- whirling to nowhere scattering half accomplished projects along the way.

It used to be that nothing would or could happen until I poured myself a cup of coffee in the morning. Today, before I made it to the coffee pot, which is set automatically to brew at 6:30, I showered, got myself dressed (albeit in the dark in a lot of what i wore yesterday) got girls dressed, brushed hair and teeth, found teddy, found monkey, fielded questions such as "how did God make my skin?" (Uh.. with cells. Not bad for pre-coffee) got a 'balala' for S, put waffles in the toaster, poured cereal into bowls for the girls, making sure everyone has the requisite color bowl, and matching or not matching utensil. Moved towards the coffee pot.. bark! Ruby needs to go out. Come back from letting Ruby out, H has finished her cereal and wants her waffle. We're out of syrup so have been using honey on the waffles but its so... slow.... coming.. out.. of... the... bottle.... COFFEE!!! Ahh! Ruby needs to come back in! The cat is yowling at her dish! Now Mayo needs to go out. The FISH are staring at me! I finally pour a cup of coffee, have one sip and sit down, as soon as my butt hits the chair the girls are up, needing help getting down from the table, wanting to watch tv. Then I hear mayo clawing the door to come in. And yes, banana, cereal and waffles for breakfast, and the little one is STILL clamoring for more. I make Hs lunch for school, S wants the bread, the cheese, the yogurt. I give her some yogurt of her own. I clean out the fridge since its trash day and it smells like something died in there. Get the trash and the recycling out. Make sure bag is fully loaded with snacks, water, and monkey because am planning a quick trip to get xmas shopping done after dropping H off at school. The road to the store is closed, requiring crazy detour with crazy traffic. The store 10 minutes away takes an hour to get to. S is crying because shes sick of being in the car. We get to the store, which feels like an accomplishment in itself- S refused to sit in the cart, and I realize this shopping trip is not gong to go as planned. I buy myself some underwear. Hey, thats not xmas shopping! I can't find the christmas lights and am determined to decorate. I decide to buy some new ones. Money is flying out my ass. (which will at least be adorned by some new underwear!) It takes me WAY too long to decide which xmas lights to buy. I call J to ask him him input, although I know this is stupid. He says he doesn't care, but prefers white. Warm white, he says. Then, "hey, while you're there can you pick me up a space heater? And then you can bring it by the studio!" Wow! Great idea! Ugh. While at the xmas light aisle, I notice I'm not the only one standing there is a daze. There are 5 other woman staring transfixed at the lights, trying to make up their minds. This all of a sudden struck me as hilarious, but they all just swiveled their glazed looks in my direction as I laughed. I'm sure they thought I was nuts trying to make this important decision with a 18moth old who didn't want to be there.

So, I make my way to the space heaters, I've given up on this shopping trip already. I call J, he asks me for product #s! HAHAHA! Pick the one that looks best after explaining theres no way in hell I can find the product numbers while wrangling S and keeping my sanity all at the same time.

After dropping the heater off at Js studio (which is on the way home, after all, not such a major inconvenience) S cries the whole way home. I don't know whats going on with her- well, 4 teeth coming in at once. That'll do it. But incredible, she seems hungry. Its only been and hour and a 1/2 since she has the banana, cereal, waffle and yogurt. We come in, with out taking my jacket off I scramble 4 eggs- 2 for her and 2 for me. She inhales those suckers! Before I'm done with mine, and I'm scarfing em down too.

We rush to go pick up H at school, she's going to a friends house today, drive her over there. Get S down for a nap, which she resists for about 1/2 an hour. Then go to hang up the lights. This requires pruning of bushes and a quick tidying up of the "yard" (its tiny, but over grown) I go the lights up! Yay! I ended up hanging them all with out using a ladder- wondering how many of me neighbors were taking bets on whether I'd fall (they lost, i didn't). Now I need to wake S up so I can go pick H up.

I'm beat! And have ended up dedicating my day to xmas lights. Theres so much I need to get done. But this is what happens- I get side tracked, a thousand times a day. How do I stay focused? How do I get focused?

AND upon returning from picking H up at her friends house, I walk in to find the dogs have unzipped her school bag and shredded her lunch box. I picked up the backpack on the way rushing out the door, as 2 other lunch boxes have met this fate- but put the bag back down and forgot it. I remembered before we opened the door, at least, and was able to say to H "theres a very good possibility the dogs have destroyed your lunch box" Yes. Mom knows everything. I called J to see if he could do an emergency lunch box run, as i have already wasted too much time at the store today. He has saved the day. Turns out he could have gotten his own space heater. Ugh. I'm contagious. I am the super hero of time wasting. I will not rest until everyone has squandered their allotted hours.

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Left of Ordinary said...

you are not alone in this frenzied, disorientated getting to point b madness. I feel your pain.