Monday, June 15, 2009

No school and happy accidents

Lets see how today goes. After the first day of no school for H I admit I panicked and was millimeters away from calling the director of the school and seeing if they had room for H and S to start summer school two weeks early, as in tomorrow. I am kind of ashamed by this. I purposely skipped the first session of summer school to give H a break from school. She doesn't want a break from school, in many ways summer school is a break as it is 2 mornings as opposed to the 5 she's (we're) used to. I need those two weeks before I send S to school, though. This right here is the problem, the inflexibility of my mind. To go from school to no school. Jolt. To go to no school ever for S to 2 mornings a week where I won't see her every move. Jolt. I need to figure out a way to get some springs in my head to ease these transitions. Link
I am attempting to reframe- do things these weeks that I always wish we could during the school year. Remind myself that next year H will be in kindergarten which is all day.

H just asked me to draw a picture of curious George to give to her favorite teacher, who she won't be seeing again until the fall, maybe, and that will be randomly. I have explained this a million times if I've explained it once. I drew Curious George, and before i could figure out what didn't look right about it, H exclaimed "Curious George doesn't have a TAIL!" Well, no, I guess he doesn't. What kind of monkey doesn't have a tail? H sighed and said she'd cut him out so no one could see my mistake. This reminded me of Bill Zeman's hilarious blog, Tiny Art Director. I came across it last night and am still laughing.

H is generally pretty forgiving of my drawings- thus far. I'm always telling her to incorporate her 'mistakes' in her drawings. If she slips with her marker and yells that she has ruined her picture, I'm there to tell her its not ruined, just that now the clouds have lightning, or the giraffes have spikes. Last night we went out to dinner and she spilled some salsa onto the place mat she was drawing on- she was getting amped up that her drawing was NOT THE WAY SHE WANTS IT, when J told her to make it part of her picture. I had to laugh. This is going to be the kind of those parental things she makes fun of, I know it.

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