Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Its been coming, but today was the day S demanded to wear mismatched socks like her sister. She also insisted on wearing a purple shirt. I had her dressed, peach colored shirt and matching socks. We came home from taking H to school, the shirt came off, the shoes came off. No shirt No shoes No service, so I relented. S found a basket of laundry that has yet to be put away, found 2 socks to her liking, and fought every shirt I tried to put on her, saying "No! purple!" Until I found a purple shirt.

H was 2 when she decided to unmatch her socks, and has kept it up for 3 years. I suppose the day will come when she decides to match them again, and I will be sad.

For now, I love her trend setting ways, and enjoy every second of not having to put pairs of socks together after doing laundry.


Left of Ordinary said...

I'm very jealous of you not having to match socks. Very.

Anonymous said...

My boys are 6.5 and still wear mismatched socks...I too will be very sad when they stop.