Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dark and strawberries

My house is so dark. I love my house, except that its dark and the fact that it has one airline sized bathroom. The darkness is getting to me, though. We thought about moving- mainly to be in a better school district, but then we jumped off the private school plank and moving took a back seat. I hated the idea of leaving this house anyway, although mostly it was because of the garden and the street itself. The darkness makes me reconsider. Every night at bath time when I have to ask the girls to move to the side of the tub where I can reach them- I reconsider then, too. My eyes have always been sensitive to light, but I think they've gotten more so from living in darkness. I am feeling like a cave dweller.

We came out of the darkness yesterday to attend H's school to be's yearly fund raiser- which takes place in the form of a strawberry festival. I have been to this event for the last 4 years, which is kind of strange come to think of it. It is fun. You can feel the love- its very kumbaya, but it a good way. This years strawberry festival was the first one I've attended where I knew a lot of people, and felt a part of the love instead of just a spectator. Chalk one up for the no doubt this is the right school column. Actually, the only thing that isn't in that column is the big heavy can we really afford this?

We were accompanied to the festival by 2 grandmothers and a grandfather, so the girls made out. T-shirts, rag dolls. One with purple hair for H, pink hair for S. H decided to name her doll Dolly, and asked what her last name should be. Llama, I answered. Groans and raised eyebrows from J. I have to amuse myself and what is more amusing that a five year old yelling around the house "DOLLY LLAMA! Where are you?"

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Julia said...

It's such a small world, isn't it? Was great to meet you guys at Ezra's party - Your blog so resonates with my life! Thanks for stopping by mine. Take Care!