Monday, June 22, 2009

Dan Koo and wa ca ca

S has been thanking me. A lot. I know it seems odd to complain about your childs manners- and yes I am thankful that she says thanks you, its very endearing- but shes starting to say it about everything and I feel its creating the illusion that she never gets anything, which of course is not true. When I buckle her car seat, "Dan koo, Mommy" as if I usually don't strap her in. If I give her a drink of water. If I hold her hand. Definitely if I give her the pacifier. If I ask H to hand S something, "dan koo H." S will repeat her thanks yous, louder and a little more violently each time, until you say "your welcome, S." I haven't figure out a way to explain that loudly growling/snarling DAN! KOO! MOMMY! kind of cancels out the original sweet dan koo. And when S does something nice, she waits for her thank you and gives a little over the shoulder glance, smiles a little smirk and says "wa ca ca, Mommy"

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