Wednesday, June 10, 2009

There are no accidents

Yesterdays post was a premontion, it turns out. A pee-monition.

I had been trying for a week now to cut the grass in the backyard, and had gotten as far as giving the yard a mohawk. That night, the day before last, I dragged the mower outside, unwound the cord, but every time I stopped mowing to move a rock, a bone, a jump rope, which is every 5 seconds, I heard girls calling for me from upstairs. After the third time upstairs to see what the matter was this time, H sobbed that she didn't want to be lonely while the mower was running. "Who will stay with me when the mowers on? WHO?" I agreed to give up trying to cut the grass. I was loosing daylight, anyhow.

Today, after the bulk of the day was behind us, I decided I needed to cut the grass. Its is supposed to rain for the next 2 days, the grass was already long enough to fold in half and still be too long. I decided to let the girls stay inside and watch TV while I cut the grass. We had a rehash of the rules, no answering the door or going outside, making sure to come get me if anyone was upset or needed anything. All was going swimmingly, I checked back in a few times, the girls were sitting on the couch under blankets (even though its very warm and muggy) I got the grass to a 'good enough' level, dragged the mower back down the stairs to the basement, but before going back out to wind up the cord- I heard S calling me- Thomas had just come on. She has gotten past a lot of fears, but not this one. Then H looks up from the couch- "I had an accident." "Did you not want to go up to the bathroom by yourself?" I asked, "No", she said " I didn't want to miss Thomas." So, there you have it. Whatever comes around pees around.