Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am too tired for monsters. I mentioned our house is dark, and today its stormy. Now its a dark and stormy night, and you know that never ends well. H is afraid of the dark in S's room. Its sadly always dark in S's room, but on sunny days it doesn't bother H until dusk. On rainy days, however, its a problem. A problem because the only bathroom is upstairs and S's room is at the top of the stairs, looming like a big monster trap. We have not replaced the hallway light's bulb that burnt out about a month ago. You would think this would be a priority with how much I dislike going up the stairs, especially and the end of the day when its for the gazzilionth time.

Its always a losing argument when a five year old has to go to the bathroom. H will gladly pee on the landing downstairs rather than go past the monster room. I sat (for the first time in hours- this is the only time it seems I'm called upon to go monster slaying), weighing my options- would I rather clean up pee and do the immediate laundry peed in clothes require, or just go upstairs? I couldn't decide.

At this point, S takes H's hand and led her up the stairs. I feebly mostly to myself spoke my warnings of be careful on the stairs, call me when you're ready to come down, make sure S sits to come down the stairs... thinking 'really? you're going to let your 2 year old take your 5 year old to the bathroom?' Yes. Thats exactly what I'm going to do.

They came down, carefully, sitting, slowly, got to the bottom of the stairs. S looked up at me, "Monkey?" She'd left him upstairs. So up I went.

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