Friday, June 12, 2009


It's the first morning of the summer schedule and I'm a bit lost. We wouldn't have even been on our way to school yet and already I'm wondering what we'll do today. My hope springs eternal and I still think I'll be able to sleep in a bit on days like this. What ends up happening though is I don't sleep in, in fact I sleep out as S always wakes up even earlier on days we don't have to be anywhere in the morning. I need to wake her up to get places. Thats how she rolls. What ends up happening is that I wake up earlier than usual and I don't shower.

H's preschool ceremony last night was great. The bittersweetness expected from the last day of a school with kids I've watched grow into their personalities for the last 3 years. The slide show brought everybody to tears, and it was wonderful watching all the kids be excited to see themselves and their classmates. What really got to me though was the last minute scramble outside to pick flowers from the garden to give to Hannah after the ceremony. I wanted them to be a surprise which translated into me crawling through the muddy yard while everyone else was in the car waiting to go. I was all of a sudden struck with awe that I was doing this for H. Mainly because I have done this for nearly everyone I know at some point or another. It made me think of H as grown up, that I was picking secret flowers for her. That was the part that nearly made me cry.

* I am as ready for June to stop being so mopey as I imagine anyone reading this is. July. July will be my glass half full.

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