Tuesday, June 16, 2009

babies having babies

I am starting to feel like I have a third child in the form of S's baby. Baby requires cereal in the morning, and a 'poon'. Usually a 'Daddy poon' which means not a plastic kids spoon. (Why not a Mommy poon? I don't know. Maybe because Daddy sits down and has his cereal with a spoon while I tend to have toast for breakfast. Sans spoon.) S would like baby to have NUK! (milk) in her cereal as well and we have the same argument every morning that baby has to pretend she has milk in her cereal. Why I didn't insist that baby pretend she have cereal too is beyond me.

We are all instructed to look at baby throughout the day. Baby sweepy(sleepy)! Baby west(rest)!

S is not that particular in her babies, any baby will do, but she does seem to have a slight preference for a baby that happens to be H's. H has not paid her baby any mind. Well, hadn't paid the baby any mind until S adopted her. Now H will sometimes dress her, usually (hmm...coincidentally) at the same time S wants to hold the baby. Thats where it ends though- H has no interest in babies- dolls or otherwise. S spots a baby, a real one, and everyone knows about it. "Baby!Baby!Baby!" S is the one who plays with the doll house, the babies. She covers them up, feeds them, cuddles them- she makes sure they have chairs. She doesn't like her babies to have clothes. H dresses them, when she feels so inclines, and S undresses them.

I wonder about this baby gene. This caretaker thing. I love watching S care for her babies, but find it shocking at the same time.

Meanwhile, while S is caring for her little family, H is planning her wedding. I was helping her get ready for a birthday party over the weekend (by 'helping' I mean standing there seeing what she'll decide to wear) ,a tea party where she could wear fancy clothes and jewelry. She actually has a lot of jewelry, not only for someone whos 5, but for anyone, and I was attempting to edit what she was wearing. I opened her drawer and picked up a white satin envelope "NOT THAT!" She yelled, "Thats my wedding jewelry" She opened it to look at it, turned her back to me so I couldn't see. Clearly for her eyes only. I did catch a glimpse of a pair of earrings. (her ears are not pierced.) She went on to say "I know who I'm going to marry. M. I love him SOOOO much. Well, maybe H. I love him too. I don't know which one I'll marry." I told her she had a loooong time to figure it out.

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Left of Ordinary said...

I can picture S walking around with babies. Too funny.
And H and the wedding? GOOD GRIEF!