Monday, June 1, 2009

fevers and birthday

It is a gorgeous day. I am sitting on the couch trying to keep a only recently unfevered kid rested. H is squirming, fidgeting, wiggling flopping all while moaning, whining, "Mommmmmeeeeeee! I'm sooo tiiiirreed...."

A few days ago, H said "Mommy? I need some quiet time" That can only mean one thing. I reached for the anti bacterial hand gel. Sure enough, she developed a fever shortly after that.

I have learned, over the years, that I need to watch carefully for clues when H is coming down with something. It used to be that she'd be in a horrid mood for days- just when I was beginning to accept that this was the new H and love can conquer all, the sun would come out and she'd say "Mommy! My ear doesn't hurt any more!" So now, when she slows down a bit, or does something so way off her radar like says she wants to lie down- I casually ask if anything hurts, making sure not to lead the witness. "No.", she said this time. "Just my ear."

This fever bout coincided with my birthday, and H ended up sleeping most of the day. I can not stress enough how unlike H this is. Not even as a newborn did she sleep during the day.

Despite H feeling under the weather, she woke up first thing and remembered it was my birthday. She made a big production of presenting me with a gift she put together for me, weeks in advance, and hidden in a gift bag under my bed: A stuffed robin that she wrapped in silver paper using a whole roll of tape, a zip lock bag with a quarter in it, and 3 cards she made that she had carefully signed her name, and S's and Daddy's too. She made sure I knew the gift was from the whole family, and made sure I thanked everybody individually.

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