Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today is H's last day of pre-K. She'll be going to school a couple days a week through the summer, I think the part that will really get to me is the last time she goes to the school. She's been going there for 3 years, it was her first school experience and it was a great one. Its her last day with her favorite teacher who moved up with the class last year. I loved H having a teacher who knew her so well. There is a moving up ceremony for her class tonight. I have tissues and won't wear mascara.

The parents in H's pre-K class all chipped in to get each of the three teachers they have a sizable gift card, in an attempt to spare us all from the coffee cups and scented candles. I wanted to do something for the teachers that H could be a part of and was at a loss for what. Finally yesterday I decided to make them each a big cookie. H and I made heart shaped cookies, and I wrote each teachers name on the cookie and 'Love, H'. I was very pleased with myself for getting these done before midnight. I put the cookies on a rack, put the rack inside the microwave. This is something I bring with me from my childhood. Any food of importance that doesn't go in the refrigerator must be stored in the microwave to protect it from dogs. My mother to this day not only stores food in her microwave, but also in her oven. And in her dryer, but I'm not that bad.

J worked late last night- he came home and went to heat up some dinner. He asked if he should put the cookies back in the microwave, or would that make them smell like the dinner he just heated up. "Just leave them on the counter" I said. He worried aloud that the dogs would get them. "Not while I'm right here", I said. The dogs would totally have a keg party and trash the house while we were away, but they are honor roll when we're home. Or at least they were.

Let me interject here to say that my dogs are on a diet, and S shares her food with them all the time. The combination of these things has made two previously well behaved dogs complete scoundrels around food. Ruby in particular had a giant sweet tooth and loves the carbs.

J went to the kitchen to put his plate in the dishwasher- he paused. I felt him stop more than I saw him. Then I heard "Oh Bec. You're going to kill her." Ruby had taken a tiny bite out of one of the teacher's cookies. A nibble, which actually showed great restraint on her part, but I didn't care about that at the time. I haven't been so angry in a long time. I exploded. Through the roof. I channeled my tantruming 2 year old. I hurt my feet from stomping. The dogs slunk upstairs and didn't come down for a while.

J was valiant in his attempts to save the cookie. He suggested I cut bite marks in each one, "that could be our gimmick!" He even cut a bite mark out of the bitten cookie with a steak knife- which made me laugh, and let me tell you- to have made me laugh last night, thats some powerful stuff.

I re made the cookie. And some spares, this time. I was finished about midnight. As per usual.

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Left of Ordinary said...

Oh man. I think my head would have exploded right after I made cookies out of dog. Yikes.

Great idea on the cookie though!