Tuesday, June 30, 2009

All grows up

S and I have both survived her first day of school. S insisted on carrying her own backpack and lunch box. The irony here is that I have to beg H to carry her backpack and lunch box, but for some reason I try to carry S's around- she won't have any of it. All of a sudden S looks so big to me. She carries her own bag. She opens her own granola bars. She doesn't want to take a nap. Even though she needs one. I gave her a hug today and she said "Stop, Mommy!" She then grinned and hugged me but still. I didn't like hearing that.

H is looking so grown up these days too. I am not sure what is going on. How is it that I am shocked every time my kids grow? What am I an idiot? Of course they're going to grow.

H is entering an endearing...um... how shall I say... snarky/flippant stage. She now says about a thousand times a day- "Um.. hel-LOOO? Knock knock? Anyone home?" complete with teenaged eye roll and sigh. She does the whole thing in response to EVERYTHING. For example, "Why is there a PENCIL on the BED?! Ummm.... Hel-LOOO!? Knock knock? Anyone HOME?" Sigh, hair flip.

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Left of Ordinary said...

Sniff! I'm glad she had a good day, but sniff! She seems so BIG!!! (and we're getting attitude here too. Good grief). oxox