Friday, May 29, 2009

Theres a hole in the bucket

I am finding it very f-ing ironic that in order to manage our finances I need to spend hundreds of dollars on software.

My bank updated their site, which made the software I was using obsolete. I took a deep breath and decided to buy the software I've been wanting to buy for some time. I thought I had researched it all. I talked, (or rather chatted- brilliant, I can chat online and screaming kids don't disrupt, except they do or maybe I would have chatted the right questions.) to someone at the company to insure that I could import the files from my geriatric software. I can! Thats great! Hey, am I taking care of this or what?

Let it be said that I am still juggling the pain in the ass antics of the inhabitants of my house (who I love dearly) while focusing 75 percent of my brain on the financial software (hey- thats the most anyone gets. 75%. Don't be greedy.) In retrospect, I should have just attached a feedbag to S, instead of refilling her bowl with cheese 3o times. Especially since I discovered on the 29th time that she was sharing with the dogs. Please don't ask my why I filled it a 3oth time. I really don't know. Ask the 25% of my brain that was on duty.

I was actually looking forward to updating our finances. Getting organized. Growing our business, guaranteed, as the software promises. But hey guess what? I can't run the software on the operating system I have. No, I will have to buy more software to make it work. After I calm down a bit I will have to figure out what the hell to do.

But first I need to get the cheese bag away from S. She has gone and gotten out of the fridge herself. And is filling up her bowl. I give up. It has to be a conspiracy.

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