Sunday, December 28, 2008

maniacle marker rant with dog whining sound track

I am trying still to make sense of the Christmas haul, taking all the stuff out of its stuff wrapper and attempting to recycle whats recyclable. I just freed some toddler markers, they came with instructions that I scoffed at and thought 'I refuse to read instructions on how to use markers' but 2 seconds later there I was riffling through the recycling bag to retrieve the instructions. The markers don't have caps- but sponge tips and although it really is self explanatory, I wondered what the instructions said. But there weren't any instructions, unless you count the 'marvel at their scribbles' Why does this raise my hackles? Don't tell ME what to marvel at, I'm ALREADY marveling mother fucker! Hmm. maybe I need some more coffee. Or some less coffee.

Ruby has been whining all morning because we're out of dog food. The dog food store doesn't open for another hour. I keep telling her shes not that hungry and that she doesn't eat breakfast even when we have dog food and that she should live off the fat of her body- but shes not listening. Shes making sure I listen, though, and its making me crazy.

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Left of Ordinary said...

You are like, some crazy... posting blogger person right now. :) It's awesome!