Friday, November 14, 2008

dogs and trash

The trash. Everyday the trash. Does anyone else out there have to prep the garbage can before leaving their house? Find keys, sunglasses, make sure I have wallet, diapers, monkey (S's blanket) snacks (because my girls make every ones lives hell if there are no snacks. If I don't bring snacks, they'll steal yours. I give up) water (to wash down the snacks) lock the door, make sure the cat is in, then the dog prep. Make sure theres nothing edible with in reach, no glasses on the counter because they'll get broken in the counter surf that they would never dream of doing when I'm home, and prep the trash. Tuck the bag inside the lid, and turn the can so the hinge is facing out. I also have to check that the baby gate is closed and the dogs can't get upstairs because they've been known to bust open the diaper genie. You have not seen raging lunatic until you see me go into S's room to find a pile of shredded dirty diapers all over the floor. It smells like shit! Ha! But really really bad rancid shit. The diaper pail has teeth marks all around the lid. Anyway- that is the worst, yes the diapers- but the kitchen trash, while less repulsive is still a major pain in the ass. They're so good in so many ways- but the trash.

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Kate said...

uh... yeah. I'm getting ready to buy an over-priced fancy trashcan,and then baby-proof it, because Luna is in love with the trash. Arg.