Sunday, December 21, 2008

How fast can I wash the monkey?

Things I learned tonight:

1) One should not let a 1.5 yr old spin around madly after consuming spicy chorizo chili (and a few gingerbread cookies, and a raisin bagel.)
2) Vomit is vile. Well, I knew that already. It is especially vile when it contains a lot of chunks and is projectiled down the front of your shirt.
3) A small person can create an unusually large volume of upchuck.
4) I have very good friends who don't flinch at children vomiting down the shirts of their guests and provide changes of clothes in all sizes and even offer to launder nasty pukey clothes.
5) Kitty is not Monkey.
6) We really better not EVER loose monkey.
7) Monkey can be washed quickly, but its never quickly enough.