Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post xmas part 2

Oh wait theres more. For Christmas I learned I am a descendant of Daniel Boone. My aunt did some genealogy as a Christmas gift to all of us (presented in a cool binder with photos). I mean, if you go back far enough everyones related to everyone, right? But still. How pioneer-y.

Also, S has added another kitty to her entourage. Whats one more? Yes. I'll tell you what 2 more is. A pain in the kitty. The new kitty was a gift from H, so I'm glad she likes it, but now I really need to grow some more arms to keep this posse in line. Whenever anyone asked what H got S for Christmas she said" a hard kitty and a soft kitty." I wasn't sure what that meant, as the hard kitty H picked out herself shopping at school (you send in money and their teachers help them pick out gifts for whoever you've assigned to get gifts. She picked out a lenox ornament for me in the shape of a pallet 'because you're an artist' and a desk organizer for J in the shape of a basketball because... uh.. he needs organizing?) so the hard kitty is just that. A little plastic ginger cat with a tiara. And S loves that too. But the soft Kitty H had in mind for S and requested we drive to Ikea to get it. She searched through the pile of identical (to my eyes) kitties and picked out the right one, and was SO excited to give it to her. So I'm glad S likes it.

And how can I have forgotten to mention the purple fluffy earmuffs H asked for and received from my mother. My mother should be a professional shopper. The earmuffs look like psychedelic roadkill, but H loves them and has worn them since she got them. To bed even.

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