Monday, December 22, 2008

It is IGNORANT cold out

Thats what I overheard a Walmart employee say today, and it made me laugh. I am of a thousand minds about the Walmart, and usually avoid it as to not blow a fuse trying to figure it all out- Walmart is evil, I love Walmart. I was at Walmart this morning kind of by accident. Which is also why I was wearing my slippers. Yes at Walmart. I know. Its a new era. Upon confessing to my sister, she said "Jesus! Were you wearing curlers too?!" Not yet.

I hadn't intended to go anywhere but to drop H at school, but then decided to 'just' go to get ribbon for these bird seed wreaths I've been obsessing about (that crumble in the rain, I've come to find out) but the closer store I was meaning to 'just' get ribbon at would not let me or anyone in the door as their computers were down indefinitely. 3 days before Christmas. There were a bunch of us out there in the parking lot in the ignorant cold most of us holding cell phones. Such a proud moment for me, sitting there, locked out of the ribbon store holding my phone so I could report the injustice of not being able to purchase ribbon at my convenience. Like lemmings we sat in out cars, windows up gesturing in disbelief. I KNOW! I had called J- who said angrily, "You know what you do? You go in, get your ribbon, give them a couple bucks and leave! Its f-ing Christmas! thats what I'd do!" Good Lord.

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