Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A break

The girls are sleeping over at my moms house tonight. J and I went out to dinner with some friends, which was a luxury. My feet hurt, because I wore real shoes that have heels. I have been wearing my slippers way too much, and way too out of the house. I do think they shouldn't cross the threshold to the outside, except maybe to get the paper, so I went and got some shoes that are just like my slippers. Except I call them shoes.
H couldn't get rid of me fast enough today, was so ready for her sleep over. This actually doesn't bother me, maybe because I was so ready for her sleep over too. I was driving away from my moms house after dropping the girls off, I felt so light- stopping where ever I wanted, running into a store for one thing! I even parked half way between two stores and went to both of them! I walked into a store, hey, look at me, I'm shopping solo, look out. Then I saw a mother with her daughter about H's age, and I was sad. A little. I missed the girls, it had only been 20 minutes. The girl proceeded to be a pain in the ass in the store, as is the nature of 4 yr old girls clothes shopping with their mothers and I missed them a smidgen less.

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