Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pie and plain shirts

The house is so quiet- I am waiting for the coffee to brew (so I can have a cup and turn on my brain) so I can call my mom and see how the girls did last night.
Since they've been away I've gone shopping, walked the dogs, went out to dinner, (that I was actually able to get ready for- makeup AND hair brushing with out disturbance), slept until 8:30 and then read in bed, am sitting at the table almost drinking coffee and am about to have pie for breakfast. I feel like I'm walking underwater, everything slows down with out the girls here to need all the things they need- while it is very nice for a morning, I am very happy they'll be home in a few hours.
So do I call and disrupt my peaceful underwater feeling? Then feel guilty if the sleep over was really an awake over?
Mom said that aside from when S woke up in the middle of the night and my mother lay awake for a long time thinking "wow, someones cat is really getting wounded"- that it went really well. After apologizing to S for letting her lay there yowling, S went back to bed, and the two little stinkers slept until 7:30. I spoke to both girls on the phone, which is always a bit weird, they sound so different on the phone. S was putting the phone on both of her kitties, so I said good morning to them as well. While I was talking to my mom, H decided to get dressed, and I heard the horror of her discovering I had packed a PLAIN shirt for her to wear. Under her rainbow striped sweater- I'm not a total idiot. I heard her say "But what if I take my sweater OFF?" My mom says to me "Mommy! What were you thinking!" and then "What a serious lapse!" I told her to put a sticker on it, then I said goodbye, I'm going to go eat pie now.

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