Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So tired. So so so tired. Was up late wrapping presents- even when I think I've taken it easy and been feeling bad that Santas load is a little light this year- it turns out its not so light. Well actually Santas load is a teensy bit light (its all relative. My mom held the Santa bar pretty high. In fact she still holds it pretty high.) Its the family gifts, I have tried to make everyones gift this year, and decided it would be a good idea for H to do so as well, which resulted in a whole holy heck of a lot of wrapping. A note for those of you who got their gifts in the mail- sorry- Hs workshop hadn't officially opened by the time I had to get to the post office. (Although she and S were VERY helpful in the post office line. Not.)
Next year will be different. No really, I mean it. Its ok to stay up late on christmas eve wrapping presents- thats what you're supposed to do, but when you make christmas eve the 22nd, and then you still have to get up and take your kid to school and then go to a christmas play at said school and then drive 2 hours to the grandparents house where you will begin christmas early on the 24th so you can then pile kids dogs and gifts back in the car to drive home on actual Christmas day and see what Santa (my mom. See? I believe) has left under our tree, so that we can get to Santa's I mean my moms house for dinner and open MORE gifts... Oh yes. Next year will be different.

H is awake and foraging. Very excited about her Christmas play, as am I.


Left of Ordinary said...

You have been posting like CRAZY and I was behind! I love seeing the girls, but now I have to go and cry a bit. Boohoo.

Left of Ordinary said...

Oh, and Mouse has been done school since last week - that has made things a bit easier for us this week.