Sunday, December 28, 2008

shopping at bedtime

There is something wrong with me. How can I want and need to go shopping and still wander aimlessly and exhausted around for 2 hours? My dear friend Lefty who knows me as well as the inside of my head gave me a gift card for Christmas. This may seem like a cop out, she wrote in the card- but we both know its exactly what I needed. I left, very eventually, with a hybrid shirt/dress thing that I like and am not quite sure how I'll wear, that was 80% off and a cool sweater that's bright peacock. Is that a color? Green peacock, not blue peacock. It was half off and satisfies my need for something I own to not be a shade of black.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the girls are exhausted. They woke up twice each while I was out. Getting them to bed was like pulling teeth tonight. H ended up going to sleep wearing a baseball hat, her purple earmuffs, sleeping with a fairly large ceramic ladybug and her teddy bear. Just when you think you have it all figured out it reverses. Case in point: H was going BALLISTIC tonight, not because she had to go to bed and couldn't stay up, but because she had wanted to go to bed early, and it wasn't early enough, she wanted it to be light out. It was 5:30! And it was dark, we raced up to her room to see if we could see the sunset- there were colors in the sky, I breathed a sigh of relief, but.. too early. There was no actual sun to be seen. Major breakdown ensued. Then S came to the rescue, she grabbed the wipe I was about to use to change her diaper, and went over and started wiping H's tears away. The saccharine sweetness, too much! All was well- until we put on H's new flannel snowman sheets. The sobbing started up again I....don't...WANT....them!! No problem, I say, flipping the blankets around and using the top snowman sheet as a comforter. The sobbing settled. She got in bed. The sobbing started to escalate I'm...NOT COMFY no problem, I say, flipping the sheets and blankets back to where they just were. And I didn't even say I told you so.

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