Saturday, April 11, 2009

We are dressed

Sitting here listening to the girls play a fishing game with their grandmother, while J touches up his photographs with H's markers.

H and S are being whisked away to their grandparents house today. J and I will meet them early tomorrow morning. I love and hate when they go overnight. Tomorrow is Easter, so I feel further conflicted. Then I realized I don't really care so much about Easter. We'll be there in time to translate church and cover their ears at anything too literal. H has already had 2 egg hunts at school, will have one at each grandparents house. An Easter basket from her grandparents, and because I insist on participating in this way over board too much at any given holiday, they'll be getting an Easter basket from us as well.

I am so unorganized. Stop laughing. I waited until the last minute to get Easter dresses. 1) I hate buying a dress for one day, and was trying to find a dress that could still be worn through out the summer 2) they already have dresses like this, so I got some accessories 3) My in laws usually buy them dresses, 4) there was a sale last night, where I planned to give in and buy Easter dresses anyway.

My mother in law said they got them dresses. This has annoyed me every single year in the past. I have varied my responses but they all end at thanks but they're not wearing them. This year, though- I was surprised to find myself relieved.

In my true fashion, I got accessories with out knowing what dress they would go with. H has some pink polka dot shoes. And lime green tights.

My mother in law said she wanted to go to the sale anyway. I went and bought dresses. Even though they are not going to wear them. Even though I said from the get go that I wasn't going to buy Easter dresses. They were pretty cheap. And very cute. Maybe we'll need a costume change. And I wonder where the dramatic flare comes from. Oh! Its almost time for dessert! Where is your dessert dress?

This is made all the more ridiculous by the fact that I wear black most of the time. I do branch out and wear gray, or brown- but I usually feel like I'm dressed as backdrop to my brightly dressed children. Do I know what I'm wearing to church? Of course not.


Katydid said...

so would you kill me if i uploaded a photo of us as kids in our easter dresses and bonnets???

Left of Ordinary said...

Ohhh... I think I need to see that!

And you wear green... sometimes. And don't forget your sparkly sequined sneakers. :)

becprints said...

miss Katydid! Do you have one!!? I must see.