Thursday, April 9, 2009

And today

Lets see if I can pull off writing this with out making it into a to do list. Doubtful. I am once again in a state of overwhelmtion. Everything once again needs doing. To add this I have finally signed up for the web service i plan to redo my site with. It is kind of user friendly, I suppose, if you know anything at all about the web, which I do not. All my file preparation "knowledge" is outdated, but also based on preparing files for print. I've been basically taking everything I know and reversing it. The trick here is to remember what I know so that I can reverse it.

I am also just a small tiny little bit sulky because I am missing getting together with a friend who is in town once or twice a year. I am missing getting together with her and the girls because I need to drive J to the doctor to have eye surgery. I feel like a shit head for sulking, because I am not the one who has to have their eyelid flipped over and scraped while conscious. I can't even bear the thought of putting contacts in my eyes. I have been telling him to shrug it off, it will be fine. Hey, maybe you won't notice! But yeah. I can't think about it with out wincing. Which makes my shrugging it off not convincing at all. And my sulking all that much more annoying. I'm only fractionally sulking. I know he'd do the same for me. And probably sulk the same amount if he was missing something fun.

In addition to not understanding web stuff and sulking, I seem to be having some kind of age crisis. Which I refuse to call a mid life crisis. I can't get past the idea of putting aqua streaks into my hair. This has been 3 weeks now? I thought it would pass. No. I still want the aqua streaks. I am so not 15. But I want them anyway.

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