Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ruby, update

Ruby is just fat. I am just relieved. I am also right, its a limpoma. I shouldn't be encouraged to self diagnose (and yes, I consider diagnosing my dog as self diagnosing) Its hard for me to take myself, or mine, to the doctor, or the vet. I swear my vet referred to the area where the fat bulge is as 'the brisket'. I just looked up where one would get brisket. Yes he did. He referred to my dogs brisket.

I love my vet. So much so that I drive far. Via the highway I hate. His office is by the airport, in a less shiny part of town, near a lot of auto part dealers. On the way there, every time, I wonder why I go, tell myself I'm going to find a vet in my own neighborhood. On the way home I know why I continue to trek to see him. He's funny, he knows what he's doing, he doesn't do extra tests, he tells it to you straight. He let me come into the back room and watch him suture up Mayos foot after he gashed it on a piece of glass. He didn't use anesthesia to X-ray Rubys legs because he knew she'd just lie on the x-ray machine if I told her to. He doesn't give me shit for letting my cat outside. He once offered, when the time comes, to bury my dogs on his ranch. He'd help dig, but we'd have to wait until his wife is out of town as the idea of a pet cemetery freaks her out.

I drove not only Ruby, but Tamayo, Maxi to the vet today. S came with me too. Picture me walking 2 dogs, carrying a cat carrier, a bag full of coloring books and alluring snacks, and pushing a stroller. Now picture me trying to open the door to the vet office. Hilarious. But everyone was good. The dogs didn't pull, Maxi didn't even yowl- this is unheard of. S wasn't afraid of the vet. Unheard of. The dogs acted like they spoke English, I love it when they do that. I can say, 'hey, wait your turn' and they do.

Usually, when things have to work out, they do. I get such a rush when everyone does what they're supposed to in a hectic situation. This whole having to work thing is on my mind. If I can apply the this is the way its going to be philosophy to the rest of my life, instead of just the fretting about what doesn't happen- I may actually get somewhere.

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