Monday, April 6, 2009


Well that was fun. To have my friend here, after not seeing each other for 2 decades. It was so not weird that it was weird.

Dropping her off at the airport felt like I was hurling her into outer space, though. I had a bit of emotional whip lash. I don't know when and where we'll see each other again. Its so rare to know someone in different phases of your life and be able to have the same connection, even though everything has changed five times over.

Its also surreal to all of a sudden hear your child say a name of a friend of yours while playing go fish with said friend. You flash back to some party you and the friend were at in the 80's and wonder if you ever in a million years would have pictured this moment. The 2 of you hanging out playing go fish with your kids. No.

Its nice to make people feel welcome, but my house is like affection quick sand. The inhabitants of my house go to great lengths to create the illusion that they don't get any attention, and they need it from you or else they will wither away. H, S, Ruby, Tamayo and Maxi all trap the unsuspecting visitor and hunt them down. They work together to charm and compliment. They do a variety of kid and animal tricks. They exhaust their prey until the only option is to sit on the couch and play go fish while covered with furry bodies. Again and again.