Friday, April 3, 2009

20 years

Whats 20 years between friends? I'm about to find out.

I am so excited to see a good friend I had lost along the way. We hadn't seen or heard from each other in 20 years. Then we emailed novels back and forth to catch up on what we'd missed. To interpret events we went through and compare memories. Its a crazy thing to feel so open with someone you used to know, but it was like flipping a switch for me. We picked up where we left off, and in some ways ahead of where we left off.

Now she sits, stuck on a runway, on her way to see me. In fact, she just called to let me know her plane was delayed, and that was the first I'd heard her voice in 20 years. I was nervous about hearing her, which sounds crazy, but even that felt like we had just spoken recently. Everything changes for everybody in 20 years, its a long time. Isn't it every 7 years your cells regenerate and you're a whole new person? So I'm 2 whole new persons since them. Almost 3. And there have been countless non cellular transformations for both of us.

So, as I wait for her plane to take flight I am actually giddy. Even though I have a cold that has landed in my eyes making me look like a St Bernard, the drains have all decided to become slow right in time for a house guest, and I am not really sure what we will be doing together. There is still dog hair all over everything. That is one thing that hasn't changed in 20 years.

H on the way to school asked what my friend looks like. I started to describe her, and then had to stop myself. I don't know, I told her.

Things keep on ticking over here as I wait.

This morning I had to do a hostage negotiation to regain control of the catsup. Which by the way had nothing to do with breakfast. I think S wanted the catsup for breakfast.
"I'm going to count to three, and then I need the catsup... One.... two.... put down the bottle, S... and.... thrr......I need the catsup now,please... EEE. Give me the catsup."
No. I had to pry the catsup away from her which very nearly resulted in the catcupification of the couch. Luckily S ate so much catup for dinner the bottle was nearly empty.

Right before we were headed out the door, S got a hold of a container of yogurt. Whether she got it herself of H gave it to her to sabotage me, I don't know. I am seriously considering outlawing yogurt. A lot of my troubles these days start with yogurt. It seems to innocent, the yogurt. These girls would bootleg yogurt. I'm sure I would just end up legalizing it, to avoid a speakeasy in the bathroom.

Better start getting the yogurt (already!) from my yogurt baby, and get to the airport. Ugh! Delayed again! Rain, rain go away!

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Left of Ordinary said...

I hope your friend made it in in time and that you're having a great time. (ok, and I'm a little sad that it's not me that's there... maybe this summer) :)