Thursday, April 30, 2009

My neighbor's cat

Today has been crazy- everyone- kids, animals, me, we've all been off. Quick to freak out. We all have hairline triggers today, and thats just not good. Actually, I've been like this all week. A real peach to be around, I know it.

As I was saying, today was crazy. It started when my neighbors cat came inside. It was a little after 7, the girls were eating breakfast, I heard a meow on the porch. I knew it wasn't Maxi, but thought she might be in a frozen growling standoff with another cat as she is totally intolerant of any other feline exisisting on her planet. I opened the door, and the neighbors cat, Sam, came right in. This is my across the street neighbor, why did this cat come to my door? Do I radiate 'sucker'?

Maxi was not outside after all. She puffed up, yowled a battle cry and jumped on Sam. Sam tried to run outside, but the screen door had closed. Maxi chased him all around the living room. I was yelling for J to come downstairs and trying to convince H to be a human barrier as I noticed both cats were avoiding people. She intelligently refused. I don't know why I try to involve my 5 year old in a cat fight. Its how I was raised, is all. The dogs did some half hearted cat chasing, but they are scared of Maxi, and they weren't sure which cat to chase, so they just kind of stood there. J came down eventually and was able to get Maxi to run upstairs. Sam was freaked out, I knew I had to pick him up, but theres that crazy cat thing where the most friendly cat will tear your eyes out if you try to pick him up in the midst of chaos. He let me pick him up, and sure enough tried to flip on me, but I was ready for him.

He must not have been that freaked out, because he tried to come in all day. Finally, around 3, I remembered I have a key to my neighbors house, so I went over and put him in his house. I think this breaks the protocol of the having a key incase of emergency thing, but Maxi is one hard core bitch when it comes to other cats. It was for his own safety.

Heres where Sam the cat read me right- I am a sucker. I wanted to let him in and have a kitty visitor all day. I was annoyed that Maxi can't play well with others. I know its crazy and that thou shall not catnap or covet thy neighbors cat, but still. He's nice, He has big feet. I am a sucker for a big dogish cat.


Left of Ordinary said...

What post was it that you were saying you were a badass? :) hehe.

becprints said...

No, no, I used to *think* I was a badass. Now I know better!