Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Summer in the spring

Because of this bizarre weather that is just wrong for April, and because I'm having the kind of day where I look at the clock and can't believe its only 10:30 am and I've already exhausted all the tricks up my sleeve I had and I just want to be done but theres still a gazzillion hours to fill. Because of that, I turned on the sprinkler. I look at the sweet sticky faces of the girls and know, KNOW in the words of H, "I KNOW THAT" eye roll, sigh I know these are fleeting moments, I know I'll want them back, but I just needed a BREAK today. So I turned on the sprinkler. In April. Which meant bathing suits. I was slack jawed looking at H in her bathing suit this afternoon. God she was beautiful. The modest bathing suit I found (which was the only modest bathing suit), turned out not to be as modest as I thought. Something about the bottom of it being black. Its a grown up suit in size 5, and she'll be getting another one for public use. Her hair, long and thick, wet from the sprinkler, with just enough curl to it. Her freckles scattered across her nose. She took her towel away from me to lie down on it. Since when does she lie down? The future came hurling towards me, I saw her as a teen, as a woman. It made me want to lick her face just because I can now. Soon she'll be holding me at arms length and wishing her arms were longer.

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