Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tamayo at bedtime

Tamayo at bedtime. He does a pretty good job of staying as out of the way as a large dog who has to be with you all the time possible could. But at bed time, he is right in the middle of everything. He sits on pajamas. He gets in the way of picking out books to read. He insists on worming his way in during story time. He suffocates teddy and monkey with his body and refuses to get off. He does it all with a very serious, almost noble look on his face. When My friend N was here over the weekend she said it was if Mayo thought it was his job to be there for bedtime. I'm not sure if he thinks he's assisting me, or if he's the one putting the girls to bed, but he's there. Right in the middle of it all. Which means all poking prodding and teeth investigating is fair game.

S checking if Tamayo brushed his teeth

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