Sunday, March 1, 2009

Head like a rock

I am the kind of sick where I feel like ass, but am still able to go about the necessities of the day. Which I guess is mom sick. I don't know that I could just sit around and be sick anyway- unless I am so sick the choice is made for me. Which fortunately I rarely am.

I feel crappy enough to want to stomp my feet and yell "no fair!" about a handful of things already and its only 7 am. S woke up at 6:15 in the mood to not take no for an answer. Which is always her mood- but she wanted to come downstairs NOW and she was going to go down stairs. Now. Her impatience is driving me mad. For instance, I agreed to come down stairs, now, with her, as I realized staying in bed peacefully was not an option. She had a tantrum anyway because of the time it took me to put on pants. I want to say to her "Really? you're freaking out because I'm taking 2 seconds to put on pants? Do you have any idea how patient I am with you the majority of the time?" Instead, I try to protect her little melon head from her thrashing while putting pants on with one hand in the dark. While feeling like someone stuffed the inside of my head, behind my eyes in particular, with that foam stuff used to seal cracks in houses. And sand papered my throat. I am one big renovation project.

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