Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tick, tock, tick, tock

Last night we went to a circus at bed time and didn't get home until 9. Today we have grand parents, and a most popular thrilling shriek inducing duo of an aunt and uncle coming to go to a birthday party where there will be more doting family members and a slew of hyped up 4-5 years olds. The party is at 3:45. Who has a party at 3:45? Its a little exact for my tastes, but that's the only time any place in a 50 mile radius had left.

My girls are morning people. They really would go to bed at 5:30. I usually hold them until 7- although there are the days I draw all the blinds and say "hey! bedtime already! How'd that happen?" My point is, this party will be going on until 5:45, and then the packing up and returning home, the opening of gifts and then the wind down from that.

THEN there's the fact that the actual birthday is tomorrow. We're going to Meeting where it is 2 other kids (who are siblings!) birthday- we joked that we're making it a saints day (Lefty, want in?! Its Baboos' birthday, too!) there may or may not be cake there- after that we're headed home for more family gathering, with a few fresh family members- then the family gifts.

AND THEN the following day my sister Katydid and her son A, also known in these parts as supercousin, are coming for a week. That in itself is enough excitement to make time go backwards- but all of this together- I'm afraid we're headed for an expect it when you least expect it excitement melt down blow up. I'm donning my emotion proof vest, my protective eyewear and I have a whole stack of disclaimers at the ready. I suggest all of you who have any future contact with my brood do the same. You've been warned.

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Left of Ordinary said...

We're on party day here too (Sat) with hopefully tomorrow being lower key for Baboo. But we'll see what actually happens. Donning protective gear here too. Oy.

Have fun and happy party day to H!