Monday, March 9, 2009

Daylight savings, sanity withdrawl

One of those days. I need that hour back. I've always hated daylight savings time, it really screws with my mind. On NPR I was listening to something about how this is a terrible time of year for people who have seasonal adjustment disorder, this isn't the first time I've wondered if I have a bit of this. (which I refuse to acronym-inate, the way they do. SAD? Come on. that just makes me MAD). It seems more than my seasonal adjustments being disorderly. I've hit every red light all day. Except the light I got to when S dropped her monkey and was screaming, but I couldn't turn around to get it off the floor. No, that light was green. Tantrum at the store, at the post office, at H's school picking her up. Where there was no parking spot, and I had to circle around twice. I am wearing bad tantrum pants, the kind where when I have to bend down to get S off the ground and try to cushion her blows to her head, the world sees my ass and knows the color of my underwear.

I came home to find I'd forgotten to lock the trash, and there were coffee grounds and salmon skin all over the floor. I have recently switched dog food containers since my old one allowed the dogs to self feed after they chewed through the top. Ruby is supposed to be on a diet so I can face the vet. And of course for her health. She's not supposed to look like a swollen tick. Well, they've chewed through the top to this one, too. I'm willing to bet it was she, not they, as in Ruby, not Tamayo- I haven't installed the surveillance cameras yet, so they're both guilty. Theres no democracy in this house.

Everything needs doing in this house- laundry, dishes, theres a deck of cards all over the floor. Trash needs to be taken out, Dinner figured out. Dogs let out. Bills paid, accounting updated. Clutter uncluttered, lists made for H's birthday party this weekend. Calls made. Tylenol taken.

I can't think straight, S is screaming in her bed as she's under the impression she doesn't need a nap- which she really, really, does. I don't know where to start, but I'm not going to get very far sitting here writing about it all.

Better go play 52 pick up.

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Left of Ordinary said...

I think we are leading parallel lives today. I'm in the same boat, almost exactly, minus the dog strewn garbage. I have child strewn garbage all over and I have changed C's clothes 4 times today. 4 FULL TIMES! ARGH.

Add in a 3 hour marathon grocery shop and I just want to have a big honking drink.