Monday, March 23, 2009

fixing a hole

Once again I am conquering the world with glitter. All that glitters isn't gold, but it doesn't have to be.

We set out to find a new backpack for H, after the dogs tore through hers- and couldn't find one to our liking. Which means one with out princesses, the words 'princess', 'diva' or 'sassy'. We were informed, with attitude, that backpacks are back to school items, and they wouldn't have many until July. So we picked up a patch. I promised to fix the backpack while H was sleeping- this was very risky. I was afraid after receiving my instructions that I should find a white backpack and then paint "purple flowers with a little pink and yellow on the inside with swirlies". We managed to get on the same page and understand that I would not be fabricating an entire backpack, but fixing the original backpack. That I may or may not paint, but that it would look cool. (Why does it have to be cool? H says.)

I felt very Ma, little house on the prairie-ish mending the backpack. I didn't paint on it because I found some rhinestone stickers I had that I hope will stay on. Its shiny, it doesn't have a hole in it, although it does look a little Frankenstein.

Now, and I need this project like a hole in the head, I may search out a white canvas backpack to paint for H for next year. We'll see. I'm already having to beat down the urge to make everyone spring dresses after going into the fabric store for the patch. Must contain the craft. Must not use home ec as a creativity release. Must harness creativity to finish the print I'm working on. Or maybe I should just let go of the damn reins already.

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