Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Doctors and plumbers

I'm keeping H home from school today. I have to stand up against ever fiber in my being to do things like this- its bad enough that I don't like to admit I'm sick, but now my kids have to never be sick too? I don't think she's all that bad (see?). Now we glide in to my problem with doctors. Not with doctors, but with going to the doctor. I don't think she needs to go to the doctor, because I don't think shes all that sick, all in the house that Jack built.

Growing up we never went to the doctor and never took anything stronger than aspirin for pain or discomfort, and that (one) aspirin was reserved for severe bodily harm. I know that's one of those cycles I should break, but its hard to reprogram myself. In fairness, I do take H to the doctor as often as needed often take myself off the board of those who decide if she should go to the doctor. J one the other hand thinks one should go to the doctor for a hang nail. I like to think we balance each other out. That our extreme doctor philosophies meet in the middle and we go, and take the girls, to the doctor as needed.

Now I'm wondering if plumbers have seeped into my doctor indecision. Our kitchen sink drain pipe has essentially fallen off at the top, and is leaking in the middle. I have screwed it in a few times, but it doesn't take. I know its an easy fix, but I don't really know how to do it. Do I research it, go buy the parts and then tie up the children so they don't crawl under the sink with me? What I really want is for J to do it. Hasn't he read the manual? He is supposed to fix these things. He said, after I said to him "just fix it!" that his time would be better spent doing what he does which pays him, rather than running around trying to figure out what parts he needs to fix the sink. Then he made his point that it would make him much longer to fix it than someone whose job it it to fix pipes. Like a plumber. I know that since I'm the one who doesn't want to call the plumber, that it falls on me to learn how to fix the pipe. I am feeling over extended though, so I may call the plumber. With my tail between my legs.

What the hell is a p trap? I'm calling the plumber.

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